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A girl gets hit by a school bus because of teen bullying.

It was a school year that was suppose to start like any other, except this time it was Cady Heron’s first time every attending a public school. Up until this point Cady lived in Africa with her parents and was homeschooled.

The first day of school is never easy, but Cady was able to befriend Janis Ian and Damian. However, she was also able to catch the eye of the three most popular girls in school, Karen Smith, Gretchen Wieners and most importantly Regina George. All Cady wanted to do was fit in and if that meant hanging out with the group who was referred to as “The Plastics” then that was what she was going to do.

Cady started to shop with “The Plastics” and hang out with them. She started to become one of them. With this new found popularity, Janis and Damien had a great idea to seek revenge through Cady for all of the horrible things Regina had done to them. They did various stunts to break up Regina and her boyfriend Aaron Samuels as well giving her “diet bars”, which were actually bars that were suppose to help you gain weight, not lose it.

Once Regina found out what Cady had been doing behind her back, she had her own plan of revenge. “The Plastics” had a scrapbook that was called “The Burn Book” and Regina was about to reveal all of the secrets which were written in it. Flyers were thrown all over the school halls and posted on all of the lockers of pages from this awful, gossip filled book. Some things that were said on the flyers were accusing a teacher of pushing pills, calling girls inappropriate names and even accusing someone of making out with a hotdog.

Regina ran out of the school once she had found out Cady knew what she had done. Cady ran after her to the sidewalk where Regina was standing. Trying to get away from Cady, Regina ran into the road where she was hit by an oncoming school bus.

A few days later, it was the schools prom night. Cady felt bad for everything that she had done over the year and planned on making amends. She was crowned prom queen and apologized to everyone she hurt by sharing part of the crown with them. After that night, everyone learned that it is better to work out your problems then seek revenge.

Passive to Active

For the second assignment we are required to create 5 passive sentences and turn them into active sentences.


  1. The award was given by Joel.

2. The dog bit the child.

3. The Subway delivery driver delivered the sandwich.

4. The accident resulted in an injured driver.

5. Her ankle was broken by the soccer player.


1.Joel gave the award.

2. The child was bitten.

3. The Subway sandwich was delivered.

4.The driver was injured in the accident.

5. The soccer player broke her ankle.

Winter Spencer

JAMM 121