This I Believe.

I believe that the most important value is respect. Without it the world around us would crumble. The base component in almost all relationships is also respect. It is important to start teaching this value at a young age. It will make person a lot more respectful to others. When you think back to all of your past relationships, one of the mutual values of both people was respect. When my mom was telling me to clean the dishes and help clean up the house, I listened to her because I respected her authority over me. When my teacher is standing at the front of the classroom instructing us, I listen to him because of his authority and I have respect for him. Another way that respect is showed is by not stealing from people, being honest and in a way loyalty as well. When I was growing up I was taught a lot about respect. I always was saying my “please” and “thank you”’ as well as “excuse me” and “you’re welcome”. I was taught to not steal from my friends and not put my elbows on the table or put my shoes on the furniture. I did not take my cell phone out while engaging with another person in a face-to-face conversation. Respect is having a best friend that is diagnosed with autism, and staying by their side through everything and never leaving. In todays society it is crucial that people have respect for one another. People are growing up in front of screens and do not know how to act when they are actually thrown into conversations and activities involving other people. The youth of today need to be taught the basic values of life. Without them the world will become a fearful place. I fear for the world that lacks respect. David Westwood shares the same idea in his essay “Respect Yourself”. He takes us through many events in his life that have helped shape his thought of respect. He touches on the upcoming generations being taught respect through a story about his own daughter. Lastly he talks about the world and its need for respect and without it we would fail.


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